EXERCISE 2 – Framing within the crowd

The next time you’re in a crowd and you have your camera, take out your telephoto lens set at 200mm (if you don’t have a telephoto zoom try using an 85mm or 105mm prime – a 50mm prime will also work) – choose something that has good compression. Have your lens open to its widest aperture (ie f1.8, 2.8 or 3.5 – whatever the widest aperture of the lens). Now, shoot pictures focusing on one person in the room and ensure there are at least three people in front of you. Use the people in front of you to frame your subject.


When you’re photographing people during cocktail hours or during an event where people are talking ensure your lens is trained on the listener. The talker will draw your attention, but it’s the listener who will have the expression (and who won’t have their mouth open awkwardly).

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