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Getting Legal – Destination Weddings

Hey everyone!

I am frequently asked how to legally work in other countries for destination weddings. Mexico seems to be one of the most tricky. Back in 2010 I tried to work in Cabo and asked both the Embassy and Consulate (and filled in an FM1 form) and was told multiple times that I was legally allowed to work there for one day and that they wouldn’t issue me an FM1 Visa since I was going to be working for less than six months. However, try to tell that to a customs agent, or one of the federales who might detain you if you try to work a wedding.

Here is a great article about the situation. Remember, even if you are legally allowed to work in a country and you have all the paperwork there is still a lot of corruption. Staff and photographers will lose their commissions/salaries if you take work from them so they have a vested interest in making it very difficult for you to work (even legally).

The best thing to do is ask the Consulate or Embassy about the laws before you enter any country to photograph a destination wedding. I’m not a lawyer and can’t offer any advice on the matter except to contact the proper government agency to ask how to work legally.

I haven’t run into any problems in the past; however, since 2011 I’ve been limiting my destination work to specific locations where I own a corporation to avoid the stress. And I always tell clients that if the resort or staff has any issue with me working then I can’t take the wedding. It’s up to the couple to ask the resort/venue rules and double check that I’m permitted to work. Otherwise, even if I’m legally allowed to work in the country, the staff can make it very difficult and uncomfortable for me. If the resort has an issue then I won’t allow the couple to sign my contract. It’s just not worth the hassle.

Image Sizes for Social Media

I came across this great website that shares all the latest standards for sharing images on social media. This takes all the guess work about dimensions/sizing your pictures for places like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked-In, etc.

Click here to view the latest sizing guidelines


I am no insurance agent and have no ability to give you the advice about what insurance you should get. However, I did just read an awesome article written by a photographer/former Insurance actuary and it’s great stuff.

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