Protect yourself – contracts
When it comes to contracts, don’t trust me or anyone who isn’t a lawyer. However, there are lots of different contracts available for purchase online. Do a quick search with the following keywords “purchase wedding photography contract” and a few will come up.

While this isn’t legal advice, here are some things that should be contained in your contract:

  1. The specifics: Where is the wedding? What is the date of the wedding? What are each of their names (maiden name)? What package did they choose (what is included in the package)? If you are providing a disc, does it contain high-resolution printable images or web-sized images (be specific)? What is the package price? Who is their photographer (is it you or one of your associates?)
  2. What time does photography start?
  3. What time does photography end?
  4. Who owns the images? What can the client do with the images? What can you do with the images?
  5. The client should understand that you are bound by the rules of the venue and ceremony official.
  6. What if you get sick or your client gets sick and has to cancel?
  7. What if there is a state of emergency/act of God (ie an earthquake, tornado, etc.) and the wedding is canceled?
  8. What if you photograph the wedding, but some of the images are damanged, lost or stolen?
  9. If you are staying for the reception put something in your contract that they have to feed you (or that you are entitled to a break to go and find dinner)
  10. Ensure the client signs off on each clause (with initials) and that they sign the contract (and you sign the contract). Also, make sure that if there is more than one page the bottom of the contract has page 1/2 page 2/2, etc. Your contract should also have your business name, your name and your mailing address on all pages.