1/60th sec f2.8 ISO 1250
This photo is also featured in the “ambient light” lesson. This image is taken with 100% ambient light. Since the D700 can handle higher ISOs without having too much grain I shot this without a tripod. If you have a 5D or a D700 or higher remember your camera can handle high ISOs so feel free to keep increasing it until you can shoot at a shutter speed without hand shake (1/60th sec is the lowest shutter speed you can shoot without hand shake – and generally a rule of thumb is to shoot at a higher shutter speed than the mm of your lens – ie you should shoot at 1/200th of a sec or higher with a 200mm lens or 1/300th of a sec or higher with a 300mm lens).

This is a lit hallway at a resort and I noticed the tungsten light was quite bright and drew my eye in. So, I asked Shelise and Bruce to go and canoodle while I took a shot. It didn’t look as dramatic when they were canoodling as normal people do, so I asked Shelise to wrap her leg (and to show her leg) around Bruce. It made for a much more dramatic and sexy image.

Here is another image using the same posing/direction and the same lighting technique:

1/60th sec f2.8 ISO 4000