I’ve included a tutorial about diminishing under eye bags in the post-processing tutorials but I’d also like to show you a very simple trick to diminish wrinkles in-camera (saving you time and energy later).

Most women have professional makeup applied, and many brides are under the age of 35; hence, nice skin. Therefore, you can put them into contrasty light and it won’t age them.

However, I wouldn’t advise putting a more mature woman in contrasty light because it will accentuate her wrinkles. I’ve used myself as an example. I won’t tell you my age, but I will say that I’m over 35. I’m not wearing makeup and I’m in normal shade (not contrasty light).

The first picture was taken with a meter in the middle (perfect, balanced exposure for this scene). No flash was used. It’s not super contrasty light, but still… you can see my wrinkles.

1/160th sec f6.3 ISO 200

The next picture was taken at two stops brighter. Yes, it’s over exposed… however, the shallower depth of field (note 2.8 versus 6.3) and the brighter exposure means that the wrinkles aren’t as prominent. No photoshop was done to this picture.

1/160th sec f2.8 ISO200 (two 1/3 stops brighter).

As you may have guessed, I usually love to put people into contrasty light (exposing for just a small amount of highlights and letting everything go black). However, this is not flattering in any way shape or form on an older woman. It’s going to make her look OLDER. The photo below is of me, and I look about five years older than I am… plus the lighting accentuates a blemish (if your bride or groom has a lot of blemishes try to avoid putting them into contrasty light too… even if they are young):

1/125th sec f4.5 ISO200 – window light coming in from one direction.

This would look great on a woman with no wrinkles and fantastic skin! But please don’t do this to an older woman. She will be very upset if she looks older than she is.

Here is a photo of beautiful Hilda. I did do a Pro Retouch (see the tutorial in the Post-Processing section). However, this dramatic light worked well for her since she’s younger and has no wrinkles.

1/80th sec f2.8 ISO5000